Thursday, 16 June 2022 15:12

3 scams targeting your friends and family

Could you spot these scams?

The number of scams targeting people are growing by the year, often playing on their trust or potential lack of tech savvy.

alert computer1. The “Tech Imposter”
These scammers may reach out to you or an older family member to “help” with a non-existent problem — in order to access their computer and confidential information.

question texts2. The “Romance Con”
Often lurking around dating and social sites, these scammers try to gain trust before asking for money.


fake family3. The “Phony Family Fraudster”
These scammers impersonate grandchildren and other family members, claiming to be in trouble and in need of money.

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Things you can do to help avoid scams

  1. Encourage older family members to stay connected in their community and with loved ones, and talk to a family member or trusted friend before taking action.
  2. Keep an eye on your accounts for unusual purchases, transfers, or unauthorized payments.
  3. Watch out for signs of potential financial exploitation by caregivers or relatives.
  4. Remind your friends and family to avoid any requests to send gift cards, money, or personal information to anyone they don’t know.
  5. Share these tips with your family and loved ones.

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